A great opportunity is available for an established Cosmetologist. We are searching for the next professional to add to our salon team; contact Dan for any questions you may have. The Rent Contract is built to help you thrive!

Tattoo apprentice

Dan is taking on two new apprentices this fall and is on the look-out for a career driven, passionate artist that's eager to start their tattoo career in the shop. We want to create a safe and affordable way to achieve the education and experience that it takes to be a successful Tattoo Artist.

Mixed use studio 

Our unique shop includes a studio space that is available for short and long term contracts. This space is large enough to accommodate photographers, fitness classes, dance mediums or any other artistic outlets. It is our goal to create a collaborative shop that cross markets between all respective channels. Networking and promoting can't get any easier.  Are you ready take your business to the next level?