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Updated: Mar 31

If you weren't there, you should have been. Dan had a gentlemen in from out of town, already in his chair when I arrived. This client was a friend of his for decades so it was like walking in to a family reunion. He introduced us and I got to work unloading my makeup for a photo shoot later that day. My lovely client showed up, sat down and popped the tab on a White Claw.

The sound that broke the barrier...

Hair and Tattoo Model, Jessica Dollenmeyer as photographed by @jr_photography513

She admitted she was nervous, never modeled before and just learned the photographer wanted a grungy, cut out shirt, style shoot showcasing her beautiful tattoos. I've known the photographer since I was in high school, she hadn't met him though. Dan's ears perked up and immediately offered a shot of apple pie flavored Rum. With a toast to beautiful hair and sexy photo shoots, we all three took our shots and got back to work. I had 1.5 hours to get this hair color refreshed and apply a sultry face of makeup.

She was calming down, but needed to tend to her nails. Thank the Goddess, Dan had a spare set of manicure tools, she trimmed while I dabbed color on her roots. Time was ticking, and another client was ready to have her hair and makeup applied for the same shoot, same look. Beautiful ladies, displaying their amazing body art. There was no way I was making that 1.5 hour time crunch. Got the color on, and while she processed, I did the second guest, sent her to the studio and told her to STALL HIM! Like I have that kind of power! She laughed, told her I would see her in a minute and I got back to the first client.

Model Jessica Dollenmeyer, photographed by @jr_photography513

After rinsing and conditioning, I pulled this mermaid out of the bowl and started drying her hair, time was ticking, I was moving too fast to remember how she ended up in Dan's chair. I do know his Cosmetology side kicked in and he took over her nail work, making sure her black polish was chip free and non smudged. I moved my iron to his power strip and got working on her hair. Swear to you, it took ten minutes! The whole while this was going on, Mouse was on the floor creating the cut outs on the shirt, giving advice on how best to wear it. It took the three of us to make this magic happen! Literally, we left Lockland Old School with ten minutes to spare. I blew the 1.5 hour time frame all to Hell, though.

The shoot was two minutes away at Mill Street Studio, third floor, two sets of stairs and my client was in 3 inch heels. The owner greeted us at the door, asked if we were there for Joe, and we made our way a few feet down the hall and entered a large ballroom that was sectioned into three mini spaces. Antique furniture lined the walls, a grand piano was placed on one end of the room, elevated about two feet to the stage above, with a side stair leading to it.

I sat down next to my clients Husband while she finished her shoot and took it all in, a little hidden gem of the city. To the left, there was a partition separating the remaining two areas, but behind the wall, the sun was coming in the gallery of windows, which was the area that my blue haired mermaid client was finishing up with her shoot. The studio owner snapped a pic behind Joe and tagged us all on Instagram. Give @millstreetstudio a follow to see really interesting photography from local Cincinnati artists. The photographer @jr_photography513 also deserves a follow, he'll be posting work from this shoot and upcoming events on the horizon.

It was an amazing experience and both Joe and I took a lot of learning experience from it. He's an independent artist looking to expand his portfolio and would love to work on personal photoshoots with new clients while your styling work can be left up to Lockland Old School.

Jessica Dollenmeyer poses for @jr_photography513


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