Dear Frankie

Updated: Mar 31

A week ago, we sent out a call to our followers about a new column we were putting into place. Consider this a thirty day trial! Our purpose is to help provide support and guidance to anyone that is vulnerable enough to want an unbiased take. Behind the chair, both tattooing and hair, it was easy to open up dialogue with our guests but imagine our distress when our Governor shut down both of our industries and we were left with just hours to get our clients in, and notify the rest of them about the mandate. We had appointments scheduled out till May and events on the calendar with whole structures in place to roll them out. Major Bummer!

Those things will be rolled out, it's just a matter of when. Now that we have this time on our hands, our artists want to keep in touch with you so we are opening up the mic to you, ask us any and everything and we will give our honest take. Submissions will be anonymous, your contact info or name will not be mentioned and your data will not be sold or distributed.

A little more about our shop, we have a Licensed Barber, hairstylists and tattoo artists, apprentices ranging from young adult to decades of experience, all genders/sexuality included. This may be an incredible social experiment, but I digress. Another great point to note is that we have a life coach and marketing consultant on staff to answer your business related questions as well.

Help us entertain our following on social media and submit your questions today! You will not be sorry!

This week, we will touch on a few of the basic shop policies.

Q: How much is a tattoo?

A: Tattoos are a complex piece of art that rely on size, colorwork, complexity and placement. The materials to colorize your artwork are costly and may cause the cost of your work to fluctuate. Most shops have a base minimum charge that covers the consult, design and the first half hour to hour of work. Lockland Old School Tattoo has a shop minimum of $75. Deposits are required to hold your appointment and begin work on your custom design.

Q: What is a digital consultation?

A: Digital media is amazing right now, we have the ability to video chat, text and send photos to our guests to provide a streamlined way to create the structure of our appointment. In hair, digital consultations really took the guesswork out of what products we needed on hand, how much time we needed to have in our books to accommodate a color correction and provided a personal feel between the service provider and guest to build trust and loyalty. Today, we are opening up the process with all of our artists. We just ask for the respect of time; give our artists 24 to 48 hours to respond to your requests when sent to the shop Facebook page or website. Prices may be quoted digitally but are a baseline of services and do not necessarily reflect the final amount charged.

Q: How do I take care of my tattoo while it's healing?

A: Taking care of your tattoo from the beginning is imperative to having a beautiful vibrant tattoo for the long haul. First thing's first, hydration is key, we encourage you to get your daily recommended intake of water, both for healthy skin and nails as well as beautiful hair. Second, you want to keep the skin on the outside hydrated with unscented basic lotion. Our artists have recommended Aquaphor, or Lubriderm to keep your skin calm and soothed during that first two weeks post work. Apply two to three times a day and pat gently if you have the need to scratch. The less abrasive you are to the sensitive skin, the easier it will heal. Skin will naturally slough away, do not pull or tug at any of it. Cleanse your skin as normal and pat to dry. With just a little bit of aftercare, you will have a beautiful work of art to show for life.

That's all we have for this addition of Dear Frankie, we hope to be able to entertain and inspire you through this Pandemic and beyond. If you liked what you read, find it informative or inspiring, please share with your friends!


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