Dear Frankie Vol II

News broke last week that LOST has two new artists coming on board. One is a tattoo artist with seven years of experience and the other is a professional piercer. We have been fielding calls for months of guests asking about getting various parts of their body pierced and now we can say when we open our shop back up, you can take advantage of the new amenity. More details are arriving soon!

Now lets get to this weeks Dear Frankie column. More FAQ's this week!

Q: What roles is LOST hiring for?

A: LOST is an all encompassing shop that touts such skills as tattoo, hair, skin and nails. Therefore, we have openings for established licensed Cosmetologists, and Tattoo Artists that have a clientele. Being a part of our team means you get amazing education from beauty pros with collectively over twenty five years of experience. Work with talented and creative artists that strive to be amazing everyday with their skills and art portfolio, and lastly, any professional that chooses to work from LOST Shop has access to an incredible network of other professionals with business expertise, marketing and branding strategy. We are so excited to bring new artists on board and help with exponential growth in their passion and small business. It's easy to apply, submit a career inquiry in your chosen field and you'll be contacted by one of our amazing team members shortly.

Q: What can I do to cover my regrowth since salons are shut down?

A: This is a great question and I am so happy to talk about different methods. There are a multitude of powder and spray cover ups that are temporary and easily let our stylists retake control to provide you with amazing PERMANENT coverage when we can get back behind the chair. The bonus of buying any and all your beauty retail from LOST Barber and Beauty is that we have your color formula, we can match that up with the best products out there to provide you with a customized regimen that works for your lifestyle. This would also be a great time for anyone looking to go grey, to prolong that regrowth until the root length reaches a lived in type of style that will make you look and feel like an airy goddess.

The next method are demi permanent colour masque that come in a plethora of shades from natural to vibrant and they may be mixed to customize a beautiful shade. The longevity lasts about six to eight shampoos, making these conditioning colour masques a great option to hydrate and smooth your hair in the interim. Again, these can be purchased from LOST Barber and Beauty artists.

Q: With short hair/beard, how do I maintain a professional appearance outside the Barbershop?

A: If you have short hair or grow facial hair, you probably have a trimmer with attachments in your bathroom closet. You can swap out the attachments from short to long making sure to keep the shortest points around the hair line and over the ears. It may take some practice but with a little patience you can learn how to tilt the trimmer at the perfect angle to get a beautiful tapered result. This can keep overgrown edges from appearing unkempt and unprofessional in your essential place of work.

If you are shaving down to the skin, prep and aftercare become crucial to maintain smooth and irritation free skin. You want to use a fresh blade, ideally, you are using a new blade every shave, but realistically, you want to replace them every three to five uses. The Barber experience includes the steam towel for a great purpose, the warm hydration relaxes the skin, opens the pores and softens the hair making each one protrude from the follicle where a sharp fresh blade can easily slice that hair as close as possible leaving you with smooth skin.

After finishing, you will want to apply an astringent or aftershave to close back down your pores and hold out all the free radicals that can clog them, causing facial impurities that may lead to worse skin conditions.

These frequently asked questions are so informative, if you have a loved one that needs to read some of this info, please feel free to forward this to them. Share the love!

Also, I wanted to remind our readers that we are accepting questions for upcoming posts. We want to help you with anything related to relationships, aesthetic, styling and business. You name it, we will answer it!

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