Dear Frankie, Vol III

Dear Frankie,

When will the shop be open for services?

A: Everyday we are patiently waiting for a green light to open our shop, but it feels as if it's moving at a snails pace. Early yesterday, the Governor announced an advisory board of Salon and Barber professionals that would be assisting in the development of the new normal procedures we will need to have in place in order to re-open shops across Ohio. It was noted in a local group this morning that none of the names on the list were people in Southwest Ohio, which is a little disconcerting because our neighboring states have definitive opening dates.

Nevertheless, we decided to be proactive and advise of ways that you can support our small businesses today for services you will be getting later. Our artists have gift certificates available and there are different ways that you can purchase or pickup. Each artist controls their method of gift card sales so if you have any questions, please reach out to them directly.

I did a little digging to get a few of the artists methods, you can find them below.

Dan Pedigo: Purchase online at

Jeremy Farrell: Purchase online at

Erin Myers: Purchase online at

Hope Hollandsworth: Message her to purchase directly

Jessica Bernard: Purchase online at

It is important to note that gift cards purchased from one artist, do not transfer to another. The artists are independent and responsible for any billing questions you may have.

Dear Frankie,

What is the greatest of all time Margarita Recipe? It is Cinco de Mayo, after all!

A: It's no secret, people are experimenting heavily with at home cocktails and the internet is chock full of new and exciting recommendations. I found a lot of interesting perspectives but one caught my eye that I had to share.

With a name like Vintage Kitty, i had to learn more.

The most valuable part of this recipe is the use of turmeric for flavoring and color; plus the description captioned this cocktail as 'smokey.' Doesn't that just sound decadent! Check your pantry, I bet you have 95% of these ingredients on hand and you can be certain I'm heading out later for oranges. Try this recipe and let us know what you think!


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