Dear Frankie Vol IIII

Photo by Becca Tapert

Our shop has an eclectic vibe like no other so when we started brainstorming about ways to engage folks and make waves in our community, Ladies Night was at the top of the list. Might be a little odd, considering the shop is owned by a very masculine man.

One question we keep coming back to, 'Why are you excluding men from shop events?'

That's easily answered by explaining our love of the concept of balance. As humans we all just want to live happy hopeful lives in harmony with the earth. Balancing the sacred energies that are Male and Female is not always a 50/50 split. Sometimes we take more than our share, but then give back threefold. Dan has given us, the women in the shop and patrons, a sacred space to restore our energies, out pour the creativity and thus, an opportunity to uplift our community.

Feminine persons need a space to let down their guard, open up about their insecurities, their shortcomings and equally as such, their success and life wins. Other feminine energies can feed, nourish and heal one another like no other. Women who grow become better leaders, better teachers, better lovers; the list is infinite. We are holding the space in the shop for this magical exchange.

Allowing femininity to cultivate in your female counterpart will allow you to reap the benefits that she has sown. With more patience and understanding, she comes into herself and is more prepared to pour into you and every relationship in her life.

Supportive Sisterhood is Not Male Exclusionary, but rather a much needed community for women to let down their hair, and learn from each other.


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