Scent is a Powerful Tool

The second biggest decision in picking the salon and barber shop products that we use was the scent. The first was functionality. If it doesn't meet our needs, we can't stand behind it.

Gibs Grooming at LOST Hair

Men's hair products are hotly debated; ingredients and perfumes are major factors that help to accentuate other colognes that men may wear so the aromatic experience becomes more complex. Couple that with natural body scent, and things can quickly sour. Dan has studied the balance of different scents, both natural ingredients and chemically altered additives in a myriad of men's products in order to better guide his guests into creating an attractive balance of emanating scent. He understands that 70 dollar bottle of Gucci shouldn't be masked with Old Spice hair gel. Men like to look and SMELL good, which is an incredibly attractive trait in the Male gender.

The last time we talked, he ran me through a couple of pucks from various lines, smelling each one and I was unimpressed. No scent is too boring, too much vanilla seems more feminine and finally, Just like Goldilocks, the last comparison was juuust right. What was it, you may be asking yourself.

It was Gibs Grooming, A company that's grown a huge following over the last several years and are doing pretty cool things with female barbers. The smells are light and inviting, the packaging is eye catching and the most important thing, their pastes and gels and oils DO THE JOB THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO!

Happy Couple

Men with beards will love the hydration and softening benefits of the beard oils, and even better, you can rub a little on the skin of your neck to keep your significant other intoxicated by that blend of your cologne and the fragrance of the serum while calming freshly shaved skin.

It truly is a harmonious experience with the barber and the blade. You can purchase your own Gibs Grooming products at Lockland Old School Tattoo & Hair so you can recreate that same look and experience day after day.


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