So you want a tattoo?

Updated: Mar 31

It's no easy feat to conceptualize the perfect tattoo, it's literally going to be on your body forever. So how do you decide what to permanently etch into your skin? Add options like color, text and specialized placement, and you have another set of hurdles to contend with.

Flash Art Designs by Malissia Combs

As much as we want to create a complete digital consultation, most of the time, our artists need to see the area in person, gauge the size and area to accommodate the work most efficiently. Sending photos of your inspiration is still vital to the process, so keep sending those.

If your future tattoo work requires a cover up, we want you even more a part of the process. It's likely a whole scene will need to be built around the work in order to blend and shade the ink underneath. Our goal being to seamlessly overlay a beautiful piece of art that you'll be proud to wear.

When you are crafting the ideas of what to ink on your body, take into consideration meaningful traditions, personal ancestry, relevant font types and symbols. Stay away from trends that you see on everyone, we encourage you to wear original pieces designed specially for you, they are the most likely to still be loved ten years in the future.

For fun, spur of the moment tattoos, there is still a great solution. Flash art sheets are custom drawn by the artists in our shop. Choose one or take inspiration and expand on the idea. Keep an eye out for flash sales during quirky Holidays like Halloween or Independence Day, most flash sheets are tailored around their respective aesthetics.

If you need a brain storming session, reach out to our artists to schedule a consultation. Each one has an amazing concept of art so you are bound to vibe with one, if not all, of the talent we have in house.


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