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LOST Hair Grooming Schedule

The most common conversation we have in the salon is when is the perfect time to come back according to your desired shape color and style.

It's definitely an art. As professionals, we absorb the details about your hair, including texture, density and even color, to give an expert opinion on your hair's maintenance schedule.

Men's grooming is as high maintenance as the color retouch for our maturing clients. With hair growth being a half inch per month, on average, we recommend coming in every four weeks, minimum. Bi-weekly is the optimum time to avoid troublesome neck hair from getting unruly, but we understand our clients schedules don't always permit for that. Men that want the luxury experience may opt for the old school Barber Shave and allow Dan to truly pamper them, which is most definitely a weekly experience not to be missed.

You think it's complicated being a Man? Add a color schedule to that and then reassess! Remember with the rate of hair growth, in just two months, hair will have grown an inch and that natural color creates the dreaded LINE OF DEMARCATION! It is so much easier to get color clients on a routine schedule for this reason, and with a few tips and tricks, we can cut down the expense about every other appointment. Hilites are a great way to camouflage that new growth and the sweet spot is right at six weeks. If you style your hair down, a partial hilite is the least costly and time consuming way to upkeep your beautiful hair. We are looking at you, Boss Babe; not enough time in the day to sit in the salon, powerhouse of a Woman! If necessary, Door Dash your lunch and let us give you a mini hair makeover!

Growth is another big factor in timing. You don't get color, you're a natural spirit, we understand; and you want long, luscious locks.

You still need trims to freshen those dry ends that no amount of product will repair. It's nature and the elements, and smog and pollution as well as the detergents in shampoos that strip oils from protecting your strands. We don't recommend not shampooing; professional products will help with hydration and color maintenance, but over time, hair just needs trimmed. You can purchase those professional hair products straight from our shelves as well, it's another great reason to see us! Twelve whole weeks; 4 times a year, come in and get, at minimum, an inch cut from the ends. Let us give a professional assessment of your hair, where you're going with it and what it can do for your look.

Hair maintenance is a necessary evil and we are here for your grooming needs. Dan recently updated his schedule so he is available for walk-ins or pre-booked appointments Wednesday through Saturday, 12-9pm.


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